Found 23rd Feb 2009
I have a pc and my kids were on it earlier and since they been on it all music etc plays correct speed but the voices on all websites and in music sounds like Joe Pasquale lol...I wondered if anyone knew how to get it back, ive set all settings back to default and still no luck grr!

I have XP on my main pc


Would it be worth asking your kids?

Click on you Volume Control, then under the Volume Control the Advanced Button, make sure the digital speaker is not ticked.

Also make sure the karaoke dial is turned right down, let us know how your doing

sounds like an effect has been placed on the output, look in the systems tray(bottom right) look for an icon called sound manager look at the effects page

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Right found the prob with your help, it was an effect on output had been changed.

The trouble is although voice is back to normal the sound now sounds distorted and still a tad tinny and fuzzy, so im getting there, thanks guys for your help so far :-)

Glad it's getting better as I had the same sort of prob, sorted it by going to Realtek audio manager from task bar then selecting sound effects make sure the karaoke is at 0 as I said above.
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