Speakers to stream audio over wifi from NAS?

Found 19th Jul 2013
I have an ASUS M25 network attached storage with all my videos and music. It its great for watching films on my tablet. But the tablet isn't that good for playing audio.

Ideally, id like a set of speakers that can stream my audio from the NAS. It is an obvious device; speaker sets, perhaps sd card slot, wifi, Android or web app u can log into with ability to stream from various sources and the sd card.

Online, i saw people had used apple tv with a set of speakers, and other media centers, and some expensive solution like $600 set ups.

What else its out there?
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Have a look at Sonos
Logitech Squeezebox stuffs are fantastic
Logitech Squeezebox stuffs are really fantastic!
I have a consumer electronics background (but in software). My old colleagues could certainly make something like this. I would have something like the rechargable portable speakers you see now (often "daisy chaining" to other speakers), with an SD card slot, onboard Wifi, and a little server (eg powered by the Pi as suggested above). I reckon 30-50 quid would be enough to sell at a decent profit. No need for any interface at all. Now days many of the people who would buy this can wifi log into a device to command it.

I have my own needs in mind which are for a cheap job I can use around the house and also while traveling. You would want a more plush set up, perhaps with an interface on the box, for an audiophile. Perhaps the Logitech Squeezebox is just the ticket for that.

It is amazing how much help you can get on HDUK. Thanks very much for your suggestions.I will pick up a Pi and start messing around.

Just spotted this:

Complete 8GB Raspberry Pi XBMC WiFi Media Centre with Wireless Keyboard & Touchpad

Raspberry Pi Model B 512MB - Made in UK
WiFi Dongle Included - super easy setup
8GB Superfast Class 10 SDHC Card
2.4GHz Wireless mini-keyboard with Touchpad
Power supply, 5m network cable, 2m gold-plated HDMI cable


It seems like there is already a lot out there. I don't even need the keyboard. Something like a Pi, housing (case), SD card, Wifi adapter, power supply, plugged into rechargeable speaker(s) will do the job.

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It is amazing how cheaply this can be done. Thanks for the help.
MD do a preloaded kit thing, if you're feeling lazy:- LINK

£90 for that? What a joke. £32 for a rpi and case, £4 for a wifi dongle, £ … £90 for that? What a joke. £32 for a rpi and case, £4 for a wifi dongle, £4 for a mains adapter and £5 for an Sd card, under £45 total, that's all you need and some speakers, don't need keyboards and Hdmi cables just for audio. Get a used or model a rpi and you can knock off another £10.

Do you need any sort of screen to do it? I've been using the squeezebox software on a joggler in my kitchen, been freezing quite a bit though.

No screen needed, not even for the setup, it's all done over network … No screen needed, not even for the setup, it's all done over network (Ethernet initially, then you can configure wifi). Then I use the squeezebox controller or the iOS/android apps to control, Pi uses so little power I've used it on batteries outside as well.

Thanks, I put a wired connection in for the joggler so that shouldn't be an issue and have got a pi sitting around so will give it a go this week.

Any recommendations for Android remotes?
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