Speakers To Use With PC & Xbox 360 & PS3

Found 27th Feb 2011

Just thought i would get some views on the kind of set up i want. I currently have 2.1 speakers which are shot to high heaven, my xbox plays through them with the RCA cable to 3.5mm trick. But it sounds awful, it crackles and blips.

Im guessing this is the speakers not being able to keep up with what is being output on xbox 360 and as well as that feeding through a line in i am sure is not helping the sound.

I need a decent speaker system that i can use with my pc, have a RCA input or similiar method for PS3 + Xbox 360, i will get a RCA switch so don't worry about only having one RCA input.

ebuyer.com/pro…508 - I was thinking of these, any good?

Cheers for any help!
Budget is around £70 unless I need to go up.
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