Spec for Micro SD card for Xiaomi Mi A1

Posted 8th Jan 2018
I plan on buying a min 64GB (more likely 128GB) Micro SD Cad for my new Xiaomi Mi A1, can anyone shed any light on what spec i should be looking for or confirm what card works well with the phone.

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My Mum has a 32GB Class 10 Kingston Micro SD Card in her MI A1 and it's fine.
Any card will work - check the maximum size capacity of your device, but if you are concerned by performance read on:

I've used San Disk bog-standard Class 10 in mobile devices (and moved apps onto it) and a San Disk Gold Extreme card in my android box (which sets up the sd card as extra internal storage).

Firstly, both work. The android box (running android 6) disliked the class 10 card saying it was too slow and would effect performance, but it liked the extreme card - no complaints and I've not noticed any lag, which I have seen when I used the class 10 card in my mobile phone. When I move files on the android box, I don't actually get particularly fast speeds (nothing like 30MB/s as the extreme claims), but apps used to run very slow on my mobile device when I used the class 10 card, and there is no lag on my android box.
It depends if you're using it for music/photos/media or for apps.

Media use a class 10 will be fine, for apps you want one with fast 4k rand read/write which can be hard to find, the new A1 & A2 classes should help with this.

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