Spec me a PC - £500 - With or without monitor options please

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Found 27th Sep 2008

Can you please link me to the current best offers on PC's? Ideally I want to spend no more than £500, though I do not mind spending the £500 for a good PC!

A monitor isn't *required* as I have a CRT but it would be nice if one was to be included.

If you could please link to your best PC bargains that'd be great!




Plays HD DVD & Blu Ray out of the box, 500gb HDD, 3GB of ram and a quad core CPU, all for £400 notes.



Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 Processor, 3.16GHz featuring 1333MHz Front Side Bus and 6MB Cache
- 4GB DDR2 800MHz PC6400 Memory
- 320GB SATA300 (SATAII) Hard Drive with 8MB Cache
- 20x DVD+/-RW RAM SATA Double Layer Drive
- 256MB Dedicated nVidia 8600GT Graphics (DirectX 10 compatible)
- 5.1 Audio
- Black & Silver mATX Case
- 7 USB2.0 Ports (3 front, 4 rear)
- 52-in-1 Flash Memory Card Reader & Writer
- 10/100 LAN
- 19" LCD Monitor with 1440x900 resolution and 5ms response & DVI
- 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker Set
- Black Keyboard and Mouse
- Microsoft Vista Home Premium
- 1 Year return to base warranty on PC base unit
- 3 years on-site warranty on monitor

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Thanks for the replies.

Which of the above are best?

How do they compare to this?


Which would you get? One of the suggested (If so which)? Or another?


if you tell us what you will use it for (and not for), then we can spec it to your requirements! Just saying "spec me a PC for £400" is no good tbh

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Fair point; This PC isn't actually for *me* but a friend who I am requesting info for on his behalf. I'm quite familiar with PCs and have built a few before (Including the one I use daily) but I understand fully that the PC world moves very quickly, and I want to be sure whatever I suggest is backed by others. On this note; I'd be willing to build a PC for him (If he is willing to do this; I'd need to confirm - To this extent please suggest pre-built machines too!) but I know that occasionally you'll find a PC that is considerably better value than having bought components seperately.

None the less, I'm not entirely sure what he wants it for. He states "Want a bit of power" but when I quizzed him he doesn't express any interest in games. We are both studying engineering degrees and use modelling packages that are quite intensive, so I'd imagine he wants a computer that is good across the board, ranging CPU, RAM and graphics.

To the best of your ability would you suggest a custom build? If so what could be got for £500 these days? Or a pre-build? If so what could I get (Which suits him, with the little info I've been able to get from him) for the money?


you know people say "buy a tft", but imho if you have reasonable CRT monitor (and the space obviously), I would use that.

Basically You Need:

Quad Core Processor/Chip
500gb HardDrive
2gb RAM (maybe more if you can afford it)
Graphics Card

then obviously your O/S (XP, Vista etc)

Use onboard sound if you arent doing audio that much, and you'll get a canny components for £400.

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With the greatest of respect I am aware what components are required to build a PC, but was asking what "modern" components (I have not built a PC in two years and I'd assume £500 would get some relatively new stuff) currently yield good spec/value ratio.

None the less, I'd also be interested in hearing how (At the £500 mark) a custom build compares to a pre built? You see many computers at £200 or so which you'd be hard pushed to make yourself for the same money, but I don't know if this still stands at £500. I believe my friend would prefer a pre-built PC, so I'd like to know what is the best kind of thing he can get for his money (Based on the limited info I've been able to supply) and for my own interest would like to know how this would compare to a custom build (To see if it is worth trying to persuade him to build one).


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Any suggestions?

Try this dell inspiron quad from tesco then add a top graphics card and some more ram and you have a very capable pc indeed: direct.tesco.com/q/R…spx


or this one is even better for another … or this one is even better for another £100:http://direct.tesco.com/q/R.204-2386.aspx

sorry just followed post #1 link :oops:

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How does that model compare to the Medion I posted a few replies ago? Which would you go for?

Whichever one you suggest, would you suggest any further add-ons? Extra RAM, gfx, etc?


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I just got this the other day direct.tesco.com/q/R…spx

Really pleased with it so quiet and fast loading.

All you need is a graphics card with the £100 left and you got yourself a good all round pc for gaming, editing ,browsing etc.


I just got this the other day … I just got this the other day http://direct.tesco.com/q/R.204-2386.aspxReally pleased with it so quiet and fast loading.All you need is a graphics card with the £100 left and you got yourself a good all round pc for gaming, editing ,browsing etc.

Did you manage to break away the metal faceplate to install the 2nd writer ?

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So, the Tesco one, the Medion one, a custom build, or other?

I'll spec a build up for you..... (custom rig)



So, the Tesco one, the Medion one, a custom build, or other?

i think your medion one would do the job mate without having to mess about much, otherwise get the tesco one and add ram,gfx,and more hdd space if it works out cheaper but the medion looks as though it has it all
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