Spec me up a Quad core base Unit

    Playing with the Idea of buying a Dell pc to replace my out of date system as they seem to cheap atm, unless someone can spec me up a deal with quality parts and i can build it myself

    just so out of date with whats good and worth while that i just dont know which components to get, it seems that the CPU of choice is the Intel Quad core Q6600

    so if you can spec me up the best PC i can get with that processor for around £300 that would be great, would be the following:

    * Decent Motherboard (asus for similar good make)
    * 2-3gb ram running at 1066mhz
    * PSU thats middle of the road
    * Case - i have one although if it could be replaced id like to do that aswel
    * 1tb+ or H/D space (whats this i hear about running in raid if poss?)

    I have a PCI wireless card which id like to carry over and a creative 5.1 sound card which is decent enough

    so let me know what you can source


    And for £300? Might need to stretch your budget alot more. Cheapest 1TB drive ive seen is £99.

    To get what you want, you are looking at least £400

    Q6600 go for around £130
    1TB go for around £100, though I think I saw £90 somewhere,might be my eyes again
    Quality PSU for around £60 (never cut corners in PSU is my rule of thumb)
    2gb 1066mhz go for around £40
    And you can get a cheapo case for £20
    Good Asus mobo for around £70 if you are not overclocking

    total: £420, though I never outsourced it yet so it could be cheaper.
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