Spec me up a Quad core base Unit

    Playing with the Idea of buying a Dell pc to replace my out of date system as they seem to cheap atm, unless someone can spec me up a deal with quality parts and i can build it myself

    just so out of date with whats good and worth while that i just dont know which components to get, it seems that the CPU of choice is the Intel Quad core Q6600

    so if you can spec me up the best PC i can get with that processor for around £300 that would be great, would be the following:

    * Decent Motherboard (asus for similar good make)
    * 2-3gb ram running at 1066mhz
    * PSU thats middle of the road
    * Case - i have one although if it could be replaced id like to do that aswel
    * 1tb+ or H/D space (whats this i hear about running in raid if poss?)

    I have a PCI wireless card which id like to carry over and a creative 5.1 sound card which is decent enough

    so let me know what you can source


    If you want all the above its going to come to over £300!

    Q6600 is around £130
    2GB CL5 DDR2-800 is around £30
    2x500GB/16Mb SATA2 drives (Samsung) is around £85

    So that would leave only £55 for motherboard, case and PSU - you really don't want to be using a cheapo PSU with a quad-core - and you haven't mentioned graphics at all (are you just wanting on-board graphics?)

    LMAO. I'll take two of those at that price!

    Original Poster

    to be honest if someone could post up links of the Best Hard drive(s) motherboard and ram to go with the Q6600 processor i could get the rest.

    Graphics card doesnt matter as i can pick up any £20 one and be happy with it as i dont play games on my PC, dont really need a case either although thought it would be a nice idea as for the PSU well i guess i may aswel get one seeming as its a new system

    Again looking for the best i can get withing my budget, over clocking doesnt interest me id rather have my system running at its full potiential as factory speeds, so basically what could i get baring in mind its the

    H/D Mobo and Ram which are most important
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