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Found 23rd Dec 2010
If anyone can shed light or offer advice here, I would Be extremely grateful. I am going to Las Vegas in 4 weeks and the main trip I want to do whilst I'm out there is the gran canyon/Hoover dam.
Have any of you guys done either trip?
The main things I wanted to know are; is it cheaper to book it before you go or wait until your out there?
Secondly, which type of trip did you do, there are so many! Coach, plane, helicopter, dinner, champagne, glass walkway etc etc!
Thanks in advance
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We took a helicopter to the Grand Canyon. Landed in the bottom of the Canyon, had champagne and lunch then returned to Henderson. The flight was an experience on its own. Flew over lake Mede and the dam.
Second time to Vegas we drove to the dam. Its not far from Vegas and makes a change from the casinos.
I believe driving to the canyon is a long drive, so that put us off
Cant comment on the price, sorry, no help there
I used to work there and found Maverick the best option as they do a lovely helicopter trip over the canyon and also over the strip at night which is a must I think and includes champagne. If you book one they will normally discount the other trips you book and will pick you up from hotel. The strip trip was $60 and the canyon varies from $159 upwards. The plane trip can be very rough and lots of my clients were air sick but not with the choppers which I also went up in.
There is also a trip which takes you by chopper over the canyon and then a minibus takes you down just below hoover damn so you actually see the whole thing from the river and then you take a raft back along the colarado which is great fun but not white water rafting it is a gentle one.
Vegas is a great place there is so much to do so make sure you do everything whilst you are there as you will regreat it if you don't!!!
Also make sure you go on the Deuce bus to the North and South shopping malls for the shopping as they are discount malls and you get great bargains. You can buy a whole day pass for the Deuce double decker buses and the express buses which is what you will have to change to for the malls but the drivers tell you where to change and what bus to get. The day pass is $7 and is valid for 24hours on any bus. Don't bother queuing you will just have to barge through to get on as that is what the natives do, they don't bother with lines or manners!
Have a great trip, I wish I was goin again but have to wait until 2013 for my mates 50th!
A couple of brilliant replies there, both very useful and informative. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply, I can't wait now!!
we booked a flight when we arrived, up at the far end of the strip near Hooters there were a couple of places and we got champagne picnic trips cheaper that booking if from here or one of the bigger booths. The walkway had just opned and it was part of the deal after some haggling.

Enjoy your trip :0)

I'm still curious about Area 51 (_;)
I think it depends on how much time you have and what you want to experience.

We spent 2 weeks with a minivan starting from LV and doing a clockwise tour of some parks (Zion, Bryce etc) and anything else we felt like seeing along the way. Some of the roads around there are incredible. Straight as far as the eye can see. It is the driving option that I recommend to you if you have the time. Afterall, too much time in Vegas is - for me at least - a little boring.

We all thought the Grand Canyon was a much better experience after all the coach crowds had gone. The helicopter ride was good but somehow not as good as what I had been hoping for. We paid for ours when we got to the Grand Canyon.
Standing on the rim, at dusk, was as beautiful as I had hoped.

But if you're short on time, then taking a helicopter from LV is a good option.

You've timed you're visit to the Hoover Dam well though. Soon visitors will not be able to drive over it.
If you want to see the workings behind a dam there's a tour at the Glen Canyon Dam near Page.
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I totally agree with fifitrix123.... MAVRICK was highly recommended to us, the Helicopter are the best, p;us best safety record. We did the Lunch in the canyon and on the way home they flew over the strip at sunset. The experience was unreal, I loved every minute. I can't stress how good it was, worth ever single penny. On the way to the Canyon in the Helicopter they flew round the Hoover Damm and show many site on route. + plus a little fun flying. Good Luck you will really enjoy Vagas GREAT PLACE
Ah badass, really sorry for the late reply. Thanks so much for taking the time to get back to me. I'm even more excited now! I think you've given me everything I was after!
What was your favourite activity or sight while there?
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