Specific Mobile Deal Request

    Hiya all,

    I'm a low user of mobiles but I also like to have a nice phone. What I'm looking for is this:

    Samsung D500
    60-100 X-Net Minutes Per Month
    100 Text Per Month

    Not bothered too much about network (as long as coverage is good).

    I'm looking for the cheapest option available to me. Ideas?


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    This is the cheapest deal I've found so far:

    [color=orange][size=6]Term cost = £210 (£180 with Quidco)[/size][/color]

    Retailer: [color=darkblue][/color]
    Network: [color=blue]O2[/color]
    Tariff: [color=green]200+50SMS [/color](12 month contract)- CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS OF THIS OFFER

    Includes 200 anytime Xnetwork minutes and 50 txt units (a normal txt message = 1 unit, media messages = 4 units)

    Line rental is usually £30 / month but with this tariff, you currently get the first 10 months at 1/2 price. You also get double minutes and txts for first 3 months.
    10 months 1/2 price = £150
    remaining 2 months = £60
    Term cost = £210
    As a low user, you could save money by changing your tariff for the last 2 months to 100+100 SMS (£25/month).
    [color=orange]This saves you another £10 so cost would be £200 or £170 with Quidco.[/color]
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