Specs for those free computers for over 50s

    Hi, there is a campaign going on in London, where you can get free computers if your over 50, right now it's on hold, but does anyone know what the specs of these computer's were? E.g. monitor size, hard drive size, processor, RAM etc.


    The computers were not top of the range, hot off the press computers.

    They are computers donated companies who no longer needed them, so my guess if they would be 4 or 5 years old.

    Because they were donated by different people and companies they would all have had ifferent specs.

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    So they were probably Pentium 3's and 4's, no Core2Duo's then!

    If they were P4, then it would be quite good for free

    The computer my parents were given is a 2.8ghz Celeron, 256mb ram 40gb hard drive

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    2.8ghz is quite good, gonna make my parents get it too when it starts again.
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