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    Just been to the opticians and collected my prescription. Looking to possibly purchase the glasses off the internet. Can anybody recommend the best sites for this?



    there was a post put up about 3 days ago - great site - cant find it !!! £13.00 all iin frames were £7.50 really nice ones - considering i have not long paid out £350!! - try looking through - uk based (bolton area), may not be the absolute cheapest but good selection and lens offers on at the min (free coating or something)

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    I'll have a look but in the meanwhile if anybody finds it I'd appreciate it! Having not seen the original thread it might not be so easy to recognise it...


    Cheap as!! Hopefully you will find something here. Haven't used them myself but ive heard good reviews...


    ] as!! Hopefully … ] as!! Hopefully you will find something here. Haven't used them myself but ive heard good reviews...

    Dont forget Quidco

    I've used a few times and been very pleased with the price and service.
    I got some Oakly, corrective lenses, reflective coated for £82
    Wife got a great deal on Hooch and Playboy, corrective lenses, coated for about £60 for the pair.

    PLEASE USE- www. excellent site and they give you free antigleare, antiscrach, UVI PROTECTION.Ordered my glasses verifocal - cost 48 pounds arrived within 2 weeks, I am very happy with them, excellent value.

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    Thanks for the links guys Any others?

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    Has anybody used any of the following sites?



    I'm struggling to find sites that stock "Bench" glasses, which after having a quick look yesterday appear to have a range that I very much think I'll find a frame I'll like!

    Any comments?

    i used goggles4u (or 2u)

    about 15 quid - but i only use them when working at night

    Ive used these guys.....excellent service.....if they havnt got your prescription online call them they do a brill deal for the specs u may need.


    Im due another pair soon so will be using them again, manchester based.....Oh yeah they gave me free prescription sunglasses ask em they may still have the offer.

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