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    Hey guys, I have to do a speech on Monday for college and am really nervous. I always seem to go red which immediately puts me off. Has anyone got any tips?

    Thanks in advance


    i used to be so scared of public speaking but the trick which worked for me was,, good old practise. Write speech, read it as many times as you can, read it to as many people as you can to practise!! People wont mind, freinds etc. Even over the phone! read it read it. Then when you come to do it properly i found it felt like i was reading it to my mates and now public speaking come naturally.

    good luck

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    Thanks for that...suppose the saying is true practise makes perfect

    Practice in front of a full length mirror and in front of friends. Then keep this image in your head when speaking to your audience on Monday. Works for me and it gets easier with each speech you do.

    Good luck hun :thumbsup:

    If you have a friend in the audience it has helped me to look at that person at the start and speak out clearly straight at them. That means that you won't mumble and it gives you a little confidence boost. If no friend, look at someone who seems interested and positive.

    Speak more slowly too it gives your brain time to keep up, and speak to one person at a time at the back middle even the front, so you keep your head moving, pick a person out as if you are just talking to them, hope you do well :thumbsup:

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    Thanks for the tips so far, i get so worked up and worried over little things.

    i used to love doing these things, get a meter ruler and smack it on the table now and again to keep there attension, try not to think about how it can go wrong but how well your going to do

    go first as the class will be less full.

    get drunk the night before then turn up still half jaked and miss out half of what your going to say.

    Worked for me when I done my first economics presentation at uni, lecturer thought I was ill and full of nerves so never marked me down.

    They get easier as you do more and the best piece of advice is just to know your material back to front and inside out that way if you do mess up at some point then you'll know where to try and pick up from.

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    Thanks guys really appreciate these tips, been trying to learn my speech off by heart so i sound more confident and know what i'm talking about.

    Cheers any more? anything to stop me going red


    Thanks guys really appreciate these tips, been trying to learn my speech … Thanks guys really appreciate these tips, been trying to learn my speech off by heart so i sound more confident and know what i'm talking about.Cheers any more? anything to stop me going red

    Wear a mask :thumbsup::lol:

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    I wish i could....

    Before you start take a few slow, deep breaths to counter your fight/flight response.

    Smile. This produces a facial feedback thing that also reduces stress

    Focus on several points in the room so that you don't stare at one person.

    And in terms of the presentation a good rule to ensure that you get all your points accross clearly is to tell the audience what you are about to say, then say it (in detail), then tell them what you just said.

    Start very deep slow breathing about half an hour before youre due in, if your breathing is slow and regulated you wont go red

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    Thanks will try the breathing tips, thanks again for that one hope it does help as its going red which is my worst fear.

    i used to do demonstrations to crowds of peeps . just take a deep breath and forget everyone is their x
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