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    I need to write a speech for my parents 40th wedding anniversary. googling this appears to bring up mulitple pay sites for getting templates etc.

    Anybody know anywhere to get a decent template for free. Only looking for a 2-3 minute speech. Have written quite a bit already but would be nice to polish it a bit.

    The better it is hopefully will reduce the nerves, probably at least 100 people at the function. Did a best mans speech once, with a microphone, pretty stressful.

    Any help appreciated/ rep giving.:thumbsup:


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    Thanks Palspal, thats the sort of thing I was looking for. Makes the construction a lot easier. Don't think rep will make any difference to your green boxes :thumbsup:

    Pleased to help and why pay when a free to use site is available.

    Rep gratefully received but your thank you much, much more valuable to me.:thumbsup:

    40 years together..that's great..I'm sure you'll come up with a splendid speech.

    Just speak from the heart..and all will be well


    Just speak from the heart..and all will be well

    I agree, 100 times better when you just speak from the heart and dont use notes and stuff

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    From previous experience just speaking off the cuff won't work for me. You really need to be an experienced public speaker to have the confidence to do that. As I said i've only done one best man speech before and wrote that over a few days. I agree though it needs to be my words and not just some stuff I've copied and pasted.
    The template thing was what I was looking for to help give the speech a decent structure.:thumbsup:
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