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Speedfight 50cc Doesnt wana start

Posted 23rd Aug 2009
my Speedfight 2 LC 50cc doesnt wana start ive changed the battery...changed the sparkplug....its just sounds like is cuttin out when im trying to turn it on do u think it cud be carb's problem ??

some1 write back please
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Take the spark plug out, but leave it attached to the HT lead, then put the end of it up against a bare metal part of the bike to give it an earth. Try starting the bike and watch the electrode, if you have got a spark, then its likely to be an issue with fuel (or lack of it!) which could mean a problem with the carb. If there is no spark then look down the electrical side of things i.e. could be a broken HT lead
there is a spark so do you think its a carb problem ?? should i clean it or something ??
is there fuel getting through to the carb? I'd check this first.
ermm i think thats the problem...ive put some fuel to the carb nd it start...but then ive left it..nd after 30min ive tried 2 turn it on again..all i could hear is just engine turning but wont go on again

what do u think its going on ?
possibly fuel pump has had it??
once it started did it keep running or stall once the fuel you put in the carb had run out?
yeahhh when it started i went for a ride for like 30min ...then cam bak home...left it for about 30min then it just didnt turn on again ....put some fuel again in the carb nd worked again but after ive left it again didnt wana turn on
strange, youve got me then. I wouldn't say its the carb as it will run once there is fuel in there, and it starts when there is fuel manually put into the carb, cleaning it wouldn't do any harm so you can give it a try but i dont think it will fix it. Only thing i can suggest is try giving it some gas before starting (i.e. turning the throttle) see if any fuel goes into the carb?
do u think it could be te needle then mate ??
possibly, but im no expert, id say prob best to take it into a garage and see what they say, you have established what the issue is but dont know how to rectify it, so hopefully they can help you
well thanks for the help mate
no worries, sorry couldn't help get it sorted properly
Hi I have a speedfight 3 has spark and fuel getting in but won't start anyone have any idea
I had it running and it just cut out now won't start again

Hi I have a speedfight 3 has spark and fuel getting in but won't start … Hi I have a speedfight 3 has spark and fuel getting in but won't start anyone have any idea

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