Speeding driver plows through flock of sheep

    How wrong is it that this story made me "lol"?

    More than 30 sheep were killed and at least 30 injured when a driver failed to slow down as the animals crossed a highway.

    The incident, in eastern Macedonia, was horrific, with blood splattered across the highway, said the shepherd of the flock, Dejanco Mihajlovski.

    "It car ran with all its force into the herd and passed more than a hundred metres with a bunch of sheep dragged in front of it on the road. Although it was dark, the picture was more grim, with trampled sheep on the road, blood, broken sheep's feet, heads....a slaughterhouse."

    The 53-year-old driver was only identified by police as BG. He wasn't hurt but his car was destroyed.

    While police are investigating if the driver could be charged with speeding, the shepherd might be charged as well for having sheep on a highway.

    Local media estimated the sheep's value to be around 3,500 euros.



    30 in one swipe, **** me
    Edited by: "sparkyIreland" 12th Aug 2010

    driver was identified by police as BG-so thats where he has been!

    I thought BG1 was a kid.


    Black armbands in Wales tomorrow.



    30 in one swipe, **** me

    one sheep might be a step up for you sparky going by that thing you have got a hold of in your avatar!!!

    Saves them being hung upside down and having their throats slit.



    Saves them being hung upside down and having their throats slit.



    Black armbands in Wales tomorrow.

    I quite often get to see one dead sheep that's been hit by a vehicle - mess everywhere! So 30 dead sheep must have been carnage.

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