Spend Nectar Points on Fuel

    Just been to my local Sainsburys store and there was a big board and massive queues because you can spend your Nectar points on fuel.

    Don't know if it is a new thing but its the first I have been made aware you can do this.

    If any one else can provide photos or any further details, will be much obliged.


    This has been the case for quite a few months now. I doubt the queues were because of this.

    Previously, if you wanted to spend points on fuel, you had to send off and recieve hard copies of your nectar points, in the form of vouchers.

    The Sainsbury's systems have been updated so that nectar points can now be taken off at the POS in the petrol stations.
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    Thanks for the information.

    i didn't know that, thank you

    Nor did i .........cheers op (_;)

    Original Poster

    i think its the first a lot of people have heard about it, especially in the Midlands. Thanks to thesaint123 for the information.
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