Spend your B&Q/Comet/Woolworths gift vouchers in Woolies now!!! Not accepted at other 2 anymore!

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Found 16th Dec 2008
If you have any B&Q/Comet/Woolworths gift vouchers then B&Q and Comet are no longer accepting them so you might want to spend them asap in Woolies. I had £75 worth and asked them to change for cash. "We don't do refunds" was the response, the best they could do was let me buy 3 low priced items and give me the change. Hence the Toblerones in my office now!



vouchers have never been redeemable for cash anyway


i used mine up a few weeks back, x

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vouchers have never been redeemable for cash anyway

Agreed, but they were valid in 3 different stores. Woolworths was actually third in the list of the stores in which they are accepted. Now they are valid in one which has very little stock worth having and is closing very soon. So I would expect that in those circumstances anyone with a large monetary value of vouchers should be able to get their money back.

The vouchers also state that you can use them "in full or partial payment", i.e. no change will be given.

So lets assume someone recently gave you £1000 of vouchers to spend in B&Q on a kitchen and the week later, B&Q say you must now spend that £1000 in Woolworths. Can you give me details of £1000 worth of goods that you'd like to buy from Woolworths!?!

If you want to ask why anyone would go down the voucher route for such a large amount, the vouchers can often be purchased at a discount. For example, £1000 of these vouchers would have cost me only £914.50 including insured delivery. So I would get this discount on top of any in store offers, or pensioners 10% discount.

So if I got my dad to buy a £1100 worth of kitchen products, he'd get a discount to £1000 but the actual cost in vouchers would be £914.50. By my reckoning that's just short of a 17% discount.

But I'm so looking forward to why you think I should just shrug and say, "Oh, I can't have my money back? That's fine, I'll buy a load of rubbish instead."!!!

Glad I saw this post, as we have a few vouchers to use. Criminal that the only place that now accepts them is the one about to shut down. I'd be furious if I went to use them next year to find the only retailer accepting them was gone. How can they get away with that?
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