Spending about £450 Laptop or Computer?

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Found 20th Oct 2009
My current tosh laptop keeps overheating so I think it's time to replace it.

Got about £450 to spend, but not sure what to replace it with!!

I need either one to be pretty powerful (able to run 1080p HD video flawlessy while other tasks are going on) and would be ideal if it had a HDMI connection (and a blu ray drive :P).

If I go for a PC I don't want something too massive, but I wanna be able to open it up and maybe put in new drives/ram. Wouldn't need a monitor. I've been looking at ones like this argos.co.uk/web…755 but maybe something more powerful?

Thing is I go back and forth from uni and home so I think a laptop would be more practical, then again I could leave the new pc at uni and use my dying tosh at home...

Hmm what do you suggest guys? what's the best value for money?

P.S. I know I could build my own PC, and I have before, but I don't really have the time!

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It's highly unlikely your get a blu ray player in a DECENT laptop with your budget at £450.......

If you exclude that, then you can find great laptops for under or around your budget, that will play HD & have HMDI, along with big hard drive, plenty of RAM, etc.....

As for 1080P, Most laptops screens are normally either 1366 x 768 or 1680 x 900, due to their smaller screens.....

THIS is a great laptop for the price:


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