Spending diary app recommendation?

    I'm looking for a simple iPhone app that keeps track of expenses, just so we can see where all our cash is going! We tried the pen & pad option, but kept forgetting to write on it, and figured we've always got phones on us, so that's worth a try.
    Don't mind paying for it (a quid or two) if it does the job, although free is obviously better!
    Needs to have a feature where info can be synced/entered from 2 or more devices, and be very quick to enter data.

    Any recommendations? Cheers!


    I don't know of anything app wise but we use Lloyds for banking and they have a facility that puts what you spend into categories on a pie chart that's easy to read and interpret. I think they offer it with all accounts for free as part of their online banking.…asp

    Can you not just put the amounts you spend into your 'notes' (if its an iPhone), or similar if not. Then each day just add it up.

    ibank is popular. It's 2.99 so make sure you put that in as your first entry
    I tried doing this about 5 years ago when I was on the breadline. it's quite difficult to be honest unless you are disciplined. a lot of effort to input expenditure and then categorise it.
    the app i used was free but had a limited number of entries. can't remember the name but i'm sure it's been superseded by alternatives

    Goodbudget is available on both iOS and Android and I believe is free on both (it is on Android at least). This can sync one 'account' to any connected apps so you can both enter into the same data set. Hopefully it will do all you need. Good luck!

    I *think* I used to use iXpenselt which was the better of the ones I tried.
    Used to use it ages ago and have Android for several years since. On trying to find it again, I am pretty it was that one. Although since I've been using Android I much prefer Financisto and wish it was available on iOS as well.

    I'm not 100% sure on the sync features of iXpenselt though. From looking, HomeBudget looks like it may fit the bill for you. It wasn't quite what I was looking for but, I tried it after using Financisto so perhaps I was too picky :p.

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    Thanks for those suggestions, I'll take a look through those ones. I've tried a few from the app store, but they all want too much data and seem to want to track my income and expenditure - all I really need is basically a simple list that I can then put into pie charts or similar at the end of the month to see how much is going on each category.
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