Spiderman 2 DVD

    £12.49 from DC-WOW using 10 discount and vouchers anyone find anywhere cheaper?


    If you have a region free DVD player you can get it at CD WOW for £8.99 region 3.£7.99 if you use one of the £1.00 vouchers.…557

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    My DVD player only plays region 2. But is it common to make a couple of pound saving buying other regions and are there any other problems associated with it?
    I am tempted to buy a region free DVD now.

    You can get a lot of great deals if you have a region free player.You may be able to change(hack) the player you have to make it region free.
    Have a look at your make and model,you might be able to find a hack here.…176

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    Thanks for t he inf but I have aready looked for a hack and can't find one.
    My DVD player is a JVC XV-S42.
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