Spilt liquid on my now dead macbook

    But i am insured with endsleighs student possession insurance. has anyone experienced a claim of this sort? will they try and catch me out and not pay up? i don't even know if damage like that is covered


    Should you not be checking your policy document to ensure that you are covered, otherwise they dont have to 'catch you out'? :?

    If you took out their accidental damage cover then you should be protected, otherwise you probably won't.

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    i took out laptop insurance, which is on top of the accidental damage

    Okay, this thread can go one of two ways:

    1) Somebody looks up the current terms of that insurance policy, and tells you something that might apply to yours. It might not though, leaving you scuppered.

    2) Someone tells you to look up the terms on your own policy, it being the one that's actually valid here

    In either case, yes, of course they will try and catch you out and avoid paying. This is why you need to check your policy as thoroughly as you can, and make sure you submit your claim as tightly within the bounds of their policy as humanly possible.

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    it doesn't mention anything about water damage, just read through it. what a confusing piece of document
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