Spin the bottle and win prizes @ Dorset Cereals

Found 17th Jun 2012
This competition is still going, and I still haven't had any luck! Has anyone managed to win anything?
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nope not won anything either
Won nothing in years
No nothing - not even a box of cereal
Thank you! What a fab chair though.

Thank you! What a fab chair though.

It does look cool, but I'm not sure if it looks very comfy. I don't think I'll ever find out, can't ever win this thing :P
I have been doing it for months and not won anything, not even a box of cereal
I won some cereal last year
I won some cereal as well!
Never seen as much as a cereal flake never mind the other goodies on offer. Must have a defective bottle!
thanks, never won a thing here. nevertheless, worth a try .... incase the bottle decides to spin lucky !
It seems to follow the same pattern every time I do it and thats not a good thing! Thanks all the same, you never know!
Worth a try Not won anything though
Nothing, not a jot. Ever so often I give it another go, and the remember how pointless it is.
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