Posted 1st Dec 2022
At last, they are in stock, if you are quick.…509
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    £40 Nintendo? Bloody nora. Taking the Mick with this pricing
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    Hehe the link crashed at first, but I searched directly on the site and managed to get one. £6 cheaper than Amazon as well, nice find, thanks (edited)
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    Anonymous User
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    Glad I waited this time for the now horrendously slow Nintendo Store to list.

    A saving of at least £6 compared to elsewhere.

    BUT...they're taking the biscuit with this, 3 packs at £38.99. Shocking. Last Splatoon 3 pack was only £32.99.
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    Okay so I posted this as a deal because I didn’t get an alert on Amiibo. The deal has now been merged with this discussion but this doesn’t show up or give notifications. Shouldn’t this have been upgraded to a deal days ago? Or is there a way to change settings so discussions give alerts? Also how did you know it was on site 3 days ago, it only became available on Saturday.
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    Still in stock if you are quick
    Five days available and counting.
    Not surprising though considering its £6 dearer than the other Splatoon 3 pack.
    Nintendo have produced a vast number of the Splatoon sets to go with the new game.

    No real need for a heads up just check the site now and again.
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