Split Direct Debit On Phone Contract?

    im about to take out a new phone contract with o2, i was wondering is it possible to have to direct debits going on at the same time for one contract, ie, one direct debit takes £25 and the other takes the remainder, is this possible?


    I dont think so, why not have the other account make a standing order to the account where the 25 will be taken so that all ca be taken there at once.?

    or set up a seperate account with your bank for this purpose and both pay in by direct debit.

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    the thing is im 17 so cant legally take the contract out, so my dad had to take it out, if i ring cpw will they let me change the direct debit and let it all come out of my account ? ow wont they allow this due to me being 17?

    nope they wont.

    Just send payment to your old mans bank every month? ring your bank and ask them to sort that out
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