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Found 8th Mar 2008
Just downloaded something off of Usenet and rather than the usual name.rar, name.001, name.002 etc, I have name.part01.rar, name.part01_01.rar, name.part02.rar. And no PAR2 file.

How would one combines these?

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get a program called, WinRAR, its free and so simple it need no explination.

when youve got it just open the first part, then it does the rest automatically.

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No, it's not that kind of split. Believe me I know how to use split rar files and PAR files (e.g. QuickPar)

What i'm saying is the already split RAR files have been split again by the looks of it. WinRAR simply throws up 147 unexpected end of archive errors. It looks as thought the multiple pieces of each RAR part need to be put it before it can be extracted from all volumes.

ah, try re downloading.. if that fails, throw your monitor out of the window at the local chav.

Try HJSplit to join em, and then load it again in WinRar.

hj split is what you need hjsplit.en.softonic.com/ you can also use google to solve many problems

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HJsplit only deals with .001, .002 etc.

These are name.part1.rar, name.part1_0.rar, name.part1_0_1.rar, name.part2.rar etc.

Hm. Those file names seem familiar. I think its when my client has a fit when there are not enough parts left in the group.
Are the file sizes the same?

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Nope, first in each series (e.g. part1) is usually larger than the rest.

Be alright if I had a bloody PAR2 or something.

try to highlight all the rar files together then extract files seem to work when i have encounterd similar problems with rar files

You need to use ]HJsplit to join them.

didnt bother reading the other posts then ?
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