SplitIt - Has anyone used it without issue.

Posted 11th Feb
Thinking of buying something quite expensive and there is an option to pay via SplitIt over 6 months.

This would be handy for obvious reasons but also as ive just gone self employed, and even though i have a top credit score etc, actually applying for traditional BNPL schemes might prove tricky.

I have looked at Trustpilot and the usual review sites but are suspicious of the simple one line 5 stars reviews received, but in the same way, I disregard the 1 star reviewers as it seems people in the main dont understand how payments are held on your account or how SplitIt works.

I believe it is just similar to how Amazon do their pay monthly thing.

Has anyone users here used SplitIt successfully and were happy with them?

Many thanks
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Not used splitit personally but just wanted to suggest PayPal. They have a credit solution if you already hold an account and providing the seller accepts it
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