Splitter or Switch Box?

Edited by:"sotv"Found 28th Oct 2017
I currently have a BT Youview box connected by Ethernet to a single connection wall socket fitted by BT. I now have a Smart TV (and a PS3 but not too fussed about that) I also need to connect to Ethernet.

Am I best buying a splitter or Network Switch, for the TV and Youview box as they will need to run simultaneously with each other.

Was looking at TP_Link-SF1005D network switch from Currys or Maplins sell RJ45 splitters for the same price that don't need a power source, if that would work?

Thanks for any help

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The 8 port switch is only £8.95 off amazon Click . You might not think you need the 8 port one , but you never know in the future .

You can't use an RJ45 splitter to share a single network connection - you need a switch instead.

You can you an old router as well as long as you disable DHCP on it.
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