splitting a ntl cable into 2:one for broadband and one for set top box

Found 16th Jan 2007
i have a ntl cable running into my room,this used to be connected to my set top box.but now i also have the broadband in my room,which also needs a ntl cable plugging into it.

i only have one cable,i was thinking is there some solution that i can use,so that the ntl cable will be split into 2,so the broadband and set top box can both have individual cables.

iv just been on maplins and had a look at some splitters,but the one i was looking at,doesnt seem to deal with broadband (see FAQ at the bottom of page).


what do you recommend me using,i also need some connectors aswell.not sure how many.

The connection that connects into the broadband and set top box are F types.am sure someone could clear that up for me.

if i do go ahead and split the cable,does that mean i might split the quality of connection (i.e i have 10mb, would i get 5),or should everything work out ok.

please reply asap,i will be going to maplins as soon as someone gives me a solution
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Save your money and get NTL to fit it for you. How can you have broadband in your room if it is not connected? When they do it they know which fibre cable to connect it in the box outside your house / flat and then make it live.

I have Telewest and the broadband and Set top box share the same external connection but each one has it's own internal box, personally I would not try it especially if they have to come and fix something and find you have messed with it, sorry.
Not good news I'm afraid. All the equipment and cables for NTL are owned by NTL and it is illegal for you to tamper with them in any way. This includes doing a simple signal split like you describe here. You need to call NTL and get an engineer out to perform the move for you. Sorry
I moved my computer from upstairs to downstairs, they said on the phone that i could use a splitter or they could come and do it.
It was easier and more convenient for me to do it.
The picture you have of one in maplins, is exactly what i have.
It works a Set Top Box and Cable modem. No Problems.
Been like this 2 years now.
Maplins also do 5m cables pre made, or you can buy the componenets and make what length you like, they are very helpful instore
big mac,i can get broadband and the set top box working perfectly,but not at the same time,i have to keep switching the cable over to watch the other.its so that i dont have to keep tampering with it,the cable that ntl uses,carry both the broadband and the TV signals,its what it connects to that decides which is which,i.e if you connect it to a modem it will retrieve the broadband signal,if you connect it to the set top box etc..

so chappers are you saying that the splittter in the link works perfectly with your top,are you getting any degrading signal,you sure it works with broadband because at the bottom of the page, it says it unlikey to.what speed do you have.and are you using ntl.

thanks for the replies
From the point on the wall i have a short (2ft) cable to the splitter.Yes this is NTL
From here there is another 3ft cable to the STB for the TV.
The other point on the splitter runs to the p.c. some 15ft of cable.
Both work together fine, i have 2meg, never had any problems with either when on at the same time.
The splitter from maplins is exactly what i use.:)
Hope this helps / clarifys
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