Splitting PC sound to 2 speakers

Found 2nd Feb 2008
Now I can do this but its the same sound in both and I want to select what audio goes to what output.

I.e I have a HDTV and a monitor and want to use HDTV to play some emulators, or watch some films that cant be played on a DIVX player.

Then the other set of jacks go into my 5.1 home theatre and I can watch a movie on my PC

So is there anyway?
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If you installed another soundcard you might be able to direct sound from one program to be output by that soundcard and direct sound from a different program to be output by the second soundcard.

Not 100% sure if its possible, probably would require some sort or audio manager perhaps but it's where I'd start looking for a solution to your problem.
Hmm just as I thought.
Worked out a complex way.

Set headphones as default device, then open emulator and start a game, then change default device to speakers,

As the emulator is set to use the headphones(the output jack to tv) it wont change until the next time the emulator loads, so if I open my video player it uses the speaker output.

Oh I get you. My PC didn't have a separate headphone port so didn't know that it was possible.
Good find though.
So is your problem solved? If not a little impractical?
Yeah, I think theres an easier way, i.e with volume control still takes a few seconds.

I think its down to processes, as the emulator process is still using the headphones they will work until the emulator is closed.

Same other way round when I tried VLC with headphones then changed to speakers and opened emulator the sound for the emu came through the speakers and the film through headphones, but as soon as I closed the program and reopened it was reset.
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