*SPOILERS* Dexter Season 5

Just watched first episode. Very good indeed and love to see what happens to the family....and more importantly..Dexter


I saw it in the morning. Watched all four seasons in the last 2 months. This programme is like a drug. Michael C Hall is outstanding as Dexter. I believe this season one thing is for sure - Joey Quin is already a dead man walking lol. In some ways I think it will be similar to season 2 in the sense of Doakes / Quin side. But this seaons is suppose to have many new characters involved and not just focus on one serial killer as previous seasons.

Dexter for life.

1) Monk
2) Psych
3) Dexter


Is this the one on FX now?


Is this the one on FX now?

I watched it on online mate.


But tis being shown on FX right now? Ive watched every season just cant remember if this is season 4 on FX or 5, obviously if its 4 on FX now i dont want to read this thread lol

forgot about this thread-who thinks the nanny is hiding a sinister secret? the female police officer doing the headless murders?
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