Spooks- just noticed how fake it is...

Found 27th Oct 2008
Wow, how fake is Spooks? The 'terrorists' were using the 3 network to communicate with ea ch other (calls and texts) and they where actually receiving / sending the phone calls and texts!

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I thought he was on star trek?

..is 3 really that bad? :lol:
im sure my dads on it, and he had loads of probs recently with the actual phone just not responding (with that sim etc)

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star trek? wtf lmao

honestly, 3 is really THAT bad, avoid them at all costs!

3 is not as bad as T-mobile, they really suck!! Also 3 mobile use the O2 phone network.

3 is good to me!

I love Spooks, good programme in my opinion :?

The only thing I thought was that lass who was driving round in the taxi had a Nokia 3310. Didn't think that those phones would work uploading stuff et and if they did then it would take 3 months to do so??! They went out with the dinosaurs


military (mod) insider tip!
whenever you're on ur mobile surfing the net, cover ur front camera (with tape?) so they can't access (see) ur face

well did you know that 3 is actually owned by Orange!

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They've done a sh.. job if it is!

The first couple of series of spooks was pretty good but then the plots became laughable and haven't really watched it since. Unfortunately Silent Witness appears to be heading the same way....
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