Sportacus Skateboard needed

Found 18th Oct 2007
Hi there

Am looking for a Sportacus (Lazy Town) skateboard for a Christmas present. Did a Google search and the only place that came up was Toy Town Express (never heard of them!?) for £35.

Anyone know of anywhere better/cheaper to get it?

Seems to be some on ebay for about £30 plus quite high delivery . . .

Any help appreciated - thanks! :santa:
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In those google results your provided there, thats a switchboard not a skate board.

there is a switch board here for a few quid less

Oh didn't know there was a difference!! It was the only Sportacus type thing that I could find - will have to check with 5 year old that it is the right one! Thanks very much for link.
The switchboards look safer than a skateboard for a 5yr old cos of the handle,I ain't sure if the handle clips off or something cos we not had one before.I can't find a regular skateboard anywhere.
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