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I've been looking to get a new pair of trainers for the gym and also for badminton. I've been looking around, but all the big companies have wide categories, like:
1) running shoes
2) basketball shoes
3) gym shoes
etc etc

What I need is just a trainer that has non-marking soles for when i play badminton, but also quite good for running on the treadmill in the gym. However, alot of the shoes I've seen don't mention if they are marking or non marking soles... so can I assume that all running or gym shoes are non marking?


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i highly reccomend buying a specific badminton trainer rather than just any old trainer. They tend to provide extra ankle support. i tend to use yonex shoes had a couple pairs of 89's and my new pair are the 99's, ill get another pair of these for the next season. [url]www.centralsports.co.uk[/url] is a good cheap place to buy from.

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The 'classic' trainers that big brands sell are the ones which would suit you, the popular one would be either the Puma or Adidas ones.

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Thanks for the replies!!

Central Sports does have a wide range of badminton equipment!! I think I will end up buying a pair of Yonex shoes.

However... I still have the question of.... how do I tell which soles are non marking or not? Is it that all black soles are marking, and all non-black soles are not?

you can safly assume any indoor sports shoe is non marking, infact the majority of shoes sold now are nonmarking.
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