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Sportsdeck Premier League Dream Team 21/22 Fantasy Football Game

Posted 6th Aug 2021

Here’s the pitch -
There’s a learning curve to this game. It definitely isn’t for everyone.
The prize fund is small and restricted to residents of Australia and New Zealand.

If that hasn’t put you off, then I think it’s the most involving fantasy football game that I’ve played.

You have a budget of £100m and must pick a squad of 15 players - 3 forwards, 5 midfielders, 5 defenders, and 2 goalkeepers. There are no restrictions on how many players you can pick from any one team.

Player prices are based on last season’s performances. They fluctuate based on the points scored in the last three game weeks.

You get 42 trades for the season, which sounds a lot, but you will need them.

The objective is to build and manage your dream team.

It operates a rolling lockout, meaning that you can make transfers, substitutions, change formations, switch captains, and vice-captains, throughout the game week. Players only become locked-in once their team plays, irrespective of whether they take any part in the match. That then restricts the options available to you for the remaining matches in the round. It definitely helps if you live in a European timezone.

The league’s primary focus is on a head-to-head competition. Twenty teams and you play each opponent twice. There’s also the overall competition and an eliminator cup competition.

I’ve prepared a brief guide for the game and I’ll send you a copy of that if you message me. It explains some of the tactical elements of the game, including how to maximise points from your vice-captain or captain.

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