Sportsdeck World Cup 2018 Dream Team Fantasy Football Game

Posted 8th Jun 2018
I’ve set up a league for Sportsdeck World Cup 2018 Dream Team and I’m looking for a few more managers to complete the league. We currently have ten managers, with a few more pending, and I would like to increase that to twenty.

If you’re interested use the following link and click Join Now to register and join the league -…eam

To play the game you have to select a squad of fifteen players - two goalkeepers, five defenders, five midfielders and three forwards. There's no budget, the only restriction is that at the start of the competition you are limited to two players per country. As the competition progresses the number of players you can pick from a single country increases.

Before each round starts you have to select your formation, which is then fixed for that round, and your starting eleven. The game operates on a rolling lockout where once a player’s side has featured they will be locked into that position in your team. Up to that point, you can switch players between your starting eleven and bench or make transfers, if they’re allowed.

Players on your bench score points if a player in your starting eleven doesn't feature. It's limited to one substitute per position. If you have two substitutes on your bench for a single position, then the lowest scoring one above zero will count.

You also have to nominate a captain who will score double points and a vice-captain who will do the same if your captain doesn’t play.

That's a brief summary of the game, but a 'How To Play' guide is shown at the bottom of the page I linked to above.
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