Found 20th Oct 2008
Anyone else is having problems at checkout ? When I press "proceed to payment" I`m getting this message "There was a problem in processing your payment. Please try again."
Of course, the Customer Service isn`t replying to my emails ...
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Mike Ashley finally gone bust?

Could be worth trying with a different browser. If you're using Internet Explorer, try either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. One of them might overcoe problem. :thinking:
Done that already, same problem ...
try clearing cookies and starting again-it happened to me the other week-and i cleared cookies-re-ordered what i was after-and it worked ! Good luck !
Thanks, but still no result.Tried both Firefox and IE .... More than that, they already removed 2 items from the store that I was interested in.Looks like when (and if) finally it`s going to work, I will only have to choose from two pairs of socks :thinking:
Anyone has other ideas ? Maybe they will replace the... sold items, or whatever was the reason they removed the product.

BTW I was interested mainly in that Lonsdale Wimbledon sneakers white/navy, the price was excellent - 19.99 ), and they had my size (I`m 7).Anyone knows another online store to offer that and at the same price ? Or at least, a decent price if not the same (even if I doubt).
They changed the product codes , so the items are still there, but again the same error .... This is very annoying.
Where I`m supposed to provide my credit card details ? After the I press "proceed to payment" ? I still have the idea that I`m doing something wrong...
its not working for me either, iv tried everything but it doesnt seem to work, need help
I have this issue. I have tried twice, both times failed, yet have 2 pending orders on Paypal to
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