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    What is USB 3.0?Launched earlier this year, USB3.0 brings high speed data … What is USB 3.0?Launched earlier this year, USB3.0 brings high speed data transfers of around 3,200 MB/s. In simple terms, this means you can transfer a 19Gb file from your PC to an external hard drive in around 25 seconds. It would take more than 5 minutes with USB 2.0!USB 3.0 also introduces full duplex data transfer, which means it can read and write data at full speed simultaneously. It also works on an interrupt-driven protocol, so your idle devices won’t experience a power drain

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    mistake = problem is already solved

    So many (deliberately misleading?) mistakes its painful. For a start, what the hell is a 19Gb file? Files are never measured in gigabits, presumably they mean gigabytes. Then there is the transfer speed of 3,200MB/s which of course should be 3,200Mb/s (which is a bit ambitious anyway, a theoretical throughput of 4,000,000,000 bits per second is possible but after protocol overheads and ECC this is likely to be well under 3.2Gb/s of actual data which is of course 400MB/s). Then the time - okay if they mean a 19x10^9 bit file they may be correct, but they clearly are implying a 19Gigabyte file. The fastest (non-SSD) hard-drives are still limited to around 150MB/s transfer rate, regardless of interface, thus a file of that size will take over 100 seconds whether it is transferred using USB 1/2/3 or SATA 1/2/3 or ESATA or any other interface you care to invent...
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    Should be able to transfer 3.2gb a sec. Not take 25 seconds for 19gb file.

    In America, you'd sue for misleading information. Here you nut up and shut up with any corporate excuse..
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