Spotify 12 month premium for £14.95 - thoughts?

Posted 6th May 2013
Just posted this as a deal, it was flagged as spam before i even refreshed the page. Understandably though, theres one guy on ebay selling Spotify Premium accounts, 12 month, for a total of £14.95. I've dug through their feedback and can't find much to fault and even purchased one an hour ago. Yes it is Ebay, and I've taken a chance. Description says they create you an account, and you can change the email and password afterwards to what you like.

Anybody else purchased? What's your thoughts?


Update : Was dodgy, after reading up I found the accounts were stolen from netherlands so ended up reporting them to Spotify, had my account locked too and lost all my playlists etc..

Lesson learnt.

Do not buy!
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