Found 8th Jan
i am going to get spotify family and wondered if anyone would be interested in paying towards the family. As you can see i have been a member for many years and you can pay by paypal or bank transfer.
£30 year
5 slots remain
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Hi. Im interested. My trail just ran out and been looking for a cheaper way to get spotify. Pm me when your ready/ know your definitely going to do this. And I'll take a slot.
I tired setting one of these up recently and Spotify killed (nt literally ) all the "family" members because they said they weren't living with me...despite the fact all members put my address as "home".

Maybe Spotify are actually checking against records now? I don't know. It only lasted a month.
Doh. I was prepared to pay up for a year. Maybe it be best to pay 2.50 a month till we know it works
My partner would like a space please
I would be interested in a slot.
I'd be interested, maybe pay for a month or 2 upfront to ensure you can still do the sharing thing (artnada's issue is the first I've heard of any problems) and then I'd be up for paying 3 or 6 months upfront? I'd like one for my dad as he keeps using mine whilst I'm trying to use it! Maybe usernames should have a surname in it, all the same or something?
I just said the same in pm. Lol P.s it wouldn't let me change the postcode till I entered a new email address. But I then changed my profile back to my old email.
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I would like a slot please if you still have a space
Are you still doing this?
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