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Posted 30th Dec 2019
I am in a Spotify family group through hukd , lately when I have been listening to music through Spotify it has been changing tracks all by itself . my question is can anyone in the family group change my music?
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They can’t change your track, I don’t suppose you’re using the same account as someone else?
No , spoken to "head" of the family group and he said all of us in the group have our own logins etc , I have just changed my password see how that goes
Your account is (probably) compromised. The only way music will be changed is by someone else being on your account..
I run a family account with other hotukdeals members subscribed, i dont have any details or ability to see anything they are doing or login/monitor or change their accounts.
I can simply add their account and remove it.
You have your own individual account still
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I never had a single account
I’ve had the same problem but on my personal account recently, was driving and at a standstill in a residential area and my songs started changing, I parked and started changing the songs back but they kept stopping and not playing, when I got home I saw someone’s device had connected automatically by itself. I followed these steps from the Spotify website of resetting my password and logging out of all devices.…nt/
Also forgot to mention, when it happened on mine it even followed different users and playlists so you might want to check that as well.
Its about time they introduced 2 step authentication for Spotify.
paulj4830/12/2019 17:02

Its about time they introduced 2 step authentication for Spotify.

Hope they don't lol
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