Spotify ditch NUS for Unidays (Student Discount)

Found 10th Sep 2017
I recently took up a NUS card and got Amazon Student with it, I was about to get Spotify Premium but it looks like Spotify have very recently switched from NUS to Unidays.

Now that leaves Unidays with Apple Music & Spotify at half price, but NUS with no music streaming service discounts at all.

I don't see any news articles or really anyone at all talking about this so I thought I'd mention it here just incase anyone was planning to get a NUS card for Spotify.
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No surprise really, all the decent discounts are going to Unidays and alike so that only real students obtain the discounts.
I'm still paying half price, I wonder if this is for new accounts then?
Edited by: "saxo_appeal" 11th Sep 2017
Just checked mine and my next billing will be £9.99 as i just finished with 12 months at £4.99

Shame really. Need to see if Amazon music is any better now.
Buy a .edu email address
Would that really work though?
Mine works for Apple Music
Email kevinver987 at gmail dot com
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