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Found 19th Jan
I'm considering starting a Spotify family and wondering if anyone is interested? Been a member here for 10+ years, and sold many items on HUKD for sale section(Now hosted on Lokal) with 100% feedback…zle

Looking at other Spotify family threads, it's £30 for 12 months

If interested, comment below.
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Always a bit wary of doing things like this but £30 for a year sounds good. What do I need to do?
Really that’s very cheap however I started this genuinely with my brother in law and I got took off pretty soon like 2 weeks after because of there address policy being that they must match! Which is a shame because Android And Apple Music charge the same per month but have no address policy. I can not rejoin him we’ve tried everything! So I am trying 3 months of Apple Music for free, it’s no where near as good as Spotify in terms of layout creating playlists etc etc. But it’s free for now!
I'm really interested but I've seen on another thread that Spotify cotton on about fake families and shut it down?

Edit, I've just seen the post above
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Yep, as ASongOfFireAndIce above said, it seems Spotify now have a way of checking addresees.

I set one up a couple of months ago here, set up all the members, and when the end of first month was up, all other members had been removed due to "address problems".

So, rather than mess around, I refunded the other members the remaining months.

It's understandable on Spotify's part. They must be losing shed loads of money, and as we all know, if they lose too much because we're all abusing, I mean, finding loopholes, then they will simply eventualy go under, or raise prices for everyone.

I just pay the £9.99 per month now. It's still a good deal for what you're getting.
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For less than I used to have to pay for ONE CD 10 years ago, you can have access to millions of songs. Honestly for the cost of a cup of coffee a week it’s worth it for £9.99. No pissing about either.
You share your address with your spotify family, and get them to create a new account.
If they have a exsisting account, get them to change the address to yours, and to be extra safe, get them to change their surname to yours too.

Loads of people I know are doing it this way without any issue.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Good luck.
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Just pretend to live at the same address. How would Spotify know? Most of the time, I use my phone anyway.
@jaybizzle - are you still setting this up, or did you get on the other Family by KingNav360?
ToxtethOGrady20th Jan

Just pretend to live at the same address. How would Spotify know? Most of …Just pretend to live at the same address. How would Spotify know? Most of the time, I use my phone anyway.

Exactly what all of my members did, and a month later they were automatically removed by Spotify. They could not re-join the "family" no matter what we all tried. I don't know how Spotify did it, but they knew somehow.

"A quick update about your subscription
Thanks for subscribing to Premium for Family.
We couldn't confirm the address for XXXXXXXX matches yours. So we've asked them to verify their account. (See terms.)
Just a heads up that if we don’t hear back from them in 7 days, we’ll remove them from your subscription."
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Joined KingNav360 last night, sorry for the late reply here, was on night shift last night and just woken up!
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