Spotify Family questions? (Sharing account)

Found 25th Jul
I'm looking at getting Spotify Family annual sub and selling the unused slots for the cost (or if anyone has a slot going...)
I see that other users have to have the same address, and as people seem to resell accounts regularly, I assume they only have to change their address on the Spotify account and don't have to submit any kind of verification?

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Hey. I have a family spotify set up here from a few months ago.

All the guys created new accounts, and most of us used the same surname and the same address.

Never got asked for any verification.
I did have a spotify famiily. You just need the same address, name doesn't really matter. No problems
Cheers,I thought that was the case, just wanted to check
I set up a Family plan on here not too long ago. I just got everyone to use the same postcode and pretty much left all other detail blank (entered space character as it does not allow empty fields). That was all to it.
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