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Found 15th Feb 2011
Hi folks, I'm a relative newcomer to spotify but find I fly through my allowance (20hrs a month) with spotify open. Could some lovely person possibly invite me to the real deal? My only other alternatives are the paid 4.99/9.99 a month subscriptions, which seem a bit steep to me. Thanks for any help
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Have you tried GrooveShark?
I hadn't heard of it, will give it a gander, thanks DVS_Dee
I thought they had changed this now and you only got spotify open when people invited you? thats what i got from the invite someone gave me anyhow!!
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Spotify Open is the only free version.
So theyve binned the invite only free form? Thats a shame I dont mind the ads in return for it being free but the 20 hr limit sucks bottom. Thanks for the info tho folks

Have you tried GrooveShark?

I second that - I have abandoned spotify in favour of grooveshark - there is a deal on get it "anywhere" (you can use it one your phone etc) for about £15 a year...discussion here…211
the offer is now on earrings as well which are only $18 and have cheaper postage (that will make sense if you read the deal!!!!)
Cheers Agnes looks like a genuine contender for my doshos over spotify indeed, thanks!

(not too sure my OH would be up for the earrings but $18 vs 9.99 a month for spotify - no brainer! I'd say it's worth posting as a deal (_;) )
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