Spotify - Give me some good music!

So, Im at work and need something new to listein to on Spotify.

I personally think there is NO good new music!, So give me something to listein to! Anything!

Recommend me your favouraite band, doesn't matter if everyones heard of them or no-ones heard of them! In fact, even give me a band that you love that no-one seems to know!

I normally listein to rock, indie and alternative, but I'm happy to listein to anything at the moment and I wanna discover some new music! So go on! Impress me!


Agga do do do, push pinapple shake a tree!

ooo mGMT and Kings of Leon. Or possibly Kasabian (first album, self titled)

I'm liking the rifles at the moment (the great escape) and the white lies (to lose my life)

and erm, the killers (OMG tomorrow!!! butterflies!!! weeeeeeee)


Kings of leon have just grabbed me by the socks and won't let go!

Theory of a deadman
Gamma Ray

Original Poster

Im giving The Rifles a try right now. Sounds alright. Ill try the rest in a sec.

Give me some more please :-)

Try these as well:

Black Stone Cherry
Serj Tankian
30 Seconds to Mars

Original Poster

Theory of a deaman are pretty cool too.

New stuff I like not mentionaed above would be Avenged Sevenfold.

Old stuff I could go on forever but here's what I'm listening to at the moment:
Dog's D'amour (Dynamite Jet Saloon & Errol Flynn are the best lps)
Faster Pussycat

An last but not least good ole Johnny Cash (the live at Folsom Prison & live at San Quentin lps are excellent

Sigur Ros
Vampire Weekend
Arcade Fire

Listening to M.I.A as I type this as I loved the Paper Planes song from the Pineapple Express trailer.

would go for gaslight anthem
social distortion

OK, so quite a few recs so far, and don't know if anyones still reading(?), but if you like indie/alt/rock then you must check out Guided by Voices. Not known by many people, but they recorded loads of albums between 1983 and 2004. On Spotify listen to 'The Best of Guided by Voices: Human Amusement at Hourly Rates' as a great introduction to the band. They were fronted by a former school teacher named Robert Pollard, who now knocks out a couple of albums a year under his own moniker, as well as being involved in several other groups.

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