spotify invite please?

dunno if this is allowed by mods, so please remove and let me know if it isnt but could sum1 please send me a spotify invite?

pm me for my email address



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all done! cheers

Hey, my gf loaded spotify some time ago loaded on my lappie last night but limited time under the free download, would love unrestriced on my new NF210 courtesy of HDUK and 20pc Tesco offer.

Does anyone have another invite plese :-)

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cause i have accepted my invite can i now send a few invites?? i think thats how it works, if you find out how let me know roscoepeko and ill sort it out

Hi Joeprosho , sorryonly just seen you offer ill take a look how to do it now uness you have already found a way?

hhhmmnn cant see anywhere on my spotify where i can send an invite ?

If you go to Help - Your Account - Share Spotify - Create Invitation. You have to invitations remaining though, I don't have any or I'd help myself

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okey doke ill get on it tonight, pressume i need your email address so PM me

Is that the Spotify Open ?
If so I can recommend ppl who want it.
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