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    I have a free spotify account and i have a few friends at uni that want spotify but i cant give them an invite. If possible could anybody provide me with a few invites so i can have a few buddies on there?

    Thanks in advance if anyone can help - if possible PM me so im not timed to use them quickily


    I think I may have 3 send me there emails

    I dunno if that person ever responded to you, but Im in desperate need of just 1 invite. I have been scouring the net for weeks with no luck. I either reach a promo site that had run out, or find a person willing to give them that just gave out the last one. Its just been my luck. If you do have an extra one, I would greatly appreciate it. Obviously you have no idea who I am or anything, but if you want to do a "random act of kindness" that would be awesome.

    Kind regards,

    Mod edit: email removed, use PM please

    Original Poster

    mrs ronaldo;8526349

    I think I may have 3 send me there emails

    hi, sorry my internets playing up. I'll send you 2 emails so you can give one to the third guy too

    thanks in advance if u have any left

    I've sent all 3 emails an invite each now enjoy :thumbsup:
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