Found 21st Apr 2010
Hello fellow HUKD members! I have 10 Spotify invites if anyone wants one? They've built up over the past 6 months of so. I have no use for them, so if you would like one just post up your email address and I'll send one over.


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Could i have one please

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Sure can. PM me your email address and I'll send one over

Can I have one please? I'll PM you just now.


Original Poster

There you go guys, enjoy

I'd like one thanks.

Original Poster

Sent. Enjoy 7 more invites left people...

Ooo, ooo, me please, me please :-D
I'll PM you my email address if that's OK.

Could I have one please? Do you need a £1 off voucher? Minimum spend £8.95

Have you any invites left ? My dad has spotify and raves about it. I will pm my email address. Thanks in advance.

me if there's a spare

Could I have one also? :thumbsup:

If there is one left could I have one please!
Im assuming there won't be as thread has 11 comments already, thanks x

If there are any left would love one please - thanks

Original Poster

1 sent to jennyrocks, chatfield, inside101 and Bagaddict. 3 invites left, PM me your email address if you want the last remaining ones. Hurry, hurry

Sent you a PM

Thanks very much! Rep left for you :thumbsup:

Thank you very much timmeh9 - you're a star! :thumbsup:

Original Poster

Not a problem. 2 more remaining...

can i have one please

Original Poster

Sorry folks, all gone! If I get any more I'll send them out
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