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Posted 4th Apr
Here is an idea to get spotify premium for cheaper (PH price) for UK users ??

What If someone were to have an active Philippine roaming sim in UK then she can access Philippine banking services such as PayMaya virtual card (proper Philippine bank card) then use that bank details to sign up for spotify premium in PH. If you have an active Philippine number here in UK you can also pay by other methods eg globe pay and other payment methods that you see in Philippines spotify page.
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Hmmm my wife if Filipino and has Filipino card and humber still... May check this out
Can't you use a VPN and do the same with a roaming money card? (Revolut or something)?

I do the same for YouTube premium and India.
The usual VPN, revolt and PayPal method no longer works, it throws "pre agreement" error in PayPal. That's why I'm going with proper method such as using local card/number in this case Philippine. I also tried this method on Indian spotify with indian local debit card the only differences in both of those instances were I resided In UK but Used local cards of those countries. I Have to admit that when I tried on indian spotify it actually worked but for some odd reasons some or most of songs were grayed out so that's why I'm trying to work on spotify Philippines with same local card using method.
The method that I'm talking about doesn't involve revolt because when you bring in revolt you need to add revolt virtual card to your PayPal which is the whole reason for that "pre agreement" error that most users get in the PayPal final checkout.

I'm talking about getting the phone number and the local debit cards of those cheap spotify countries such as Philippines, india etc. If you have those items you can easily access those countries spotify premium without any errors. By just having the phone number of those given countries and topping up the balance of the number, spotify will deduct it from the main balance.
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