Spotify Premium...playlists i missing something?

    Had the free spotify for sometime although not used it much. My son is wanting to get more music now so i was thinking of upgrading to the premium for him and my partner who is music mad.
    One of the first things i realised is you cannot put it onto itunes which i guess makes sense as you are not buying individual tracks ...
    However when i read what premium gives me it says you can use an offline mode which syncs your spotify playlists with your phone or computer so you can play them anytime. It says your favourite playlists will be with you all the time even when you are travelling and offline.
    So what am i partner has an iphone and my son a touch couldnt they put playlists on and listen to them whenever they want as many times as they want. In my view thats as good as buying...i must be missing something very obvious.
    Thanks in advance.


    There is a spotify app for the iphone/itouch.

    If you have premium you can select the songs you want to install on the iphone.
    You can also listen to other tracks through wifi or 3g when on the move. The 3g won't be applicable on your sons itouch.

    Hope this helps a bit.

    Original Poster

    Ah thank you. I think I get it now. The playlists are simply a list and not the actual music and then it streams the music to your phone each time you ask it to play. Sorry didn't reply last night I fell asleep.
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